The SnapItForward campaign was to help small businesses through the strict lockdowns in 2020. This campaign has come to an end and no further vouchers can be purchased.
Please pop a mail to if you have any questions.

SnapScan Covid-19 Relief Programme

SnapItForward - Let's all work together to help our favourite local businesses.

Cashflow is vital to ensure that our favourite businesses make it through the Covid-19 pandemic. SnapScan lets you buy vouchers to your favourite spots to help keep them afloat during this difficult time.

How it Works

Support the businesses you love during lockdown. Cashflow is vital to make it through this, and your local favourites need your help.

Buy a voucher

Search for your favourite business and buy a voucher that you can redeem after lockdown. Don’t see the business you love? Ask them to join the initiative.

View your voucher

Vouchers will appear in the Wallet Section of the SnapScan app. Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of SnapScan, and have accepted the Wallet Ts&Cs.

Redeem your voucher

Next time you’re at your favourite business, scan their SnapCode. On the pay screen, ‘Switch to wallet’ and select your voucher. Vouchers do not need to be redeemed in one purchase.